Blog: May 2017

Overview of Azure Cognitive Services

Overview of Azure Cognitive Services

At Allcloud, our favorite projects are smart enough to anticipate your needs and answer questions you didn’t even know existed.

We’re incredibly excited to watch artificial intelligence and data science evolve and become more accessible to everyone. To that end, some of our favorite cloud offerings are within Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.

About Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft has been at the forefront of machine learning for years, with obvious use cases like speech recognition in Cortana and optical character recognition in OneNote, as well as more subtle use cases like spam filtering in Outlook and explicit image filtering in Bing.

Traditionally, artificial intelligence required significant investments in talent, hardware, and time to yield results. Companies like Microsoft are democratizing AI by offering sophisiticated algorithms as low-cost “a la carte” web services.

Cognitive Services (introduced in 2015 as Project Oxford) offers a suite of more than two dozen algorithms honed by data scientists and millions of test cases. Cognitive Services are sold via the Azure portal and are billed based on consumption at a fraction of a penny per service call.

We have integrated various services into Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, enterprise search platforms, websites, and ERP. Cognitive Services consistently deliver “wow factor”.